Daughters in the Dead Land (Kelsay Books, 2017) 

“Somewhere between poetry and song, Daughters in the Dead Land rings with elegiac sadness and clear-ringing prophecy. These are not poems to be merely read. These are poems to hold on your tongue.” ─ Eleanor Fogolin, writer of “The Woman Who Threw The Coffee Pot” 

“The poems in Daughters in the Dead Land are the work of a cartographer, charting fantastical landscapes and imploring us to navigate them with purpose. They offer us a light and that’s what makes them soar.” ─ David Emery, editor of The Steel Chisel

“Van de Kemp blends the scientific and mythic component of the Pleiades and weaves a subtle story about the seven daughters of Atlas as bodies, stars, and legends. For her second chapbook, Daughters in the Dead Land is an accomplishment not to be ignored.” ─ Evelyn Deshane, author of Mythology

Spirit Light (The Steel Chisel, 2015) 

The poems in Spirit Light confess the thrill of small-town life. From motel stays to burglary attempts, Van de Kemp drives us headlong into provocative situations and dangerous emotions. Her delicate couplets lay bare the daring landscape of the body, fearlessly exposing intimate thoughts and electric moments. This chapbook is a tour de force.