50 Haikus / The Light Called Day

Voice of Eve / Underworld & A Spot in the Air & Two Horses Falling Through Ice

Rose Quartz Magazine / Common Dreams

Tanka Journal / I’m One of the Kids

Califragile / Going without Leaving

Remington Review / Interference

Sleaze Magazine (Defunct) / What’s the Cause of the Motion Sensor Light & Give Yourself the Slip


Halcyon Magazine / The Brightening

Minola Review: A Journal of Women’s Writing / Catcall


Spider Mirror (Defunct) / Neptune’s Diamond Rain & Winging It Daily

Rinky Dink Press / Without Streetlights 

Ibis Head Review / Tenor & Rocks in the Grave of May

Bitterzoet Press / Four-Coloured Memory 

In Parentheses / Insane Anger

Unbroken Journal / Seeing Her on Her Birthday 


Phantom Drift / Bluebeard

Vine Leaves Literary Journal / New Moon & Anniversary of Falling in Love 

Noble Gas Quarterly / Chicago '07 


The Halcyon Reader / When a Songbird Sings 

Global Poetry Anthology / Slant of the Girl 

Unlost Journal / The Hush Vine 

Black Heart Magazine / Grape Hour, Woman of Parking Lot 

In Parentheses / Another Dream & Night of Strange Winter 

Objects in the Rear-View Mirror Anthology / To the Ocean 

Unlost Journal / Mad Weightless & Allowed to Wander 

Peaches Literary Magazine (Defunct) / They're Versions of Us

Halcyon Magazine / Bewildered

Unbroken / Sink

Switch (The Difference) Anthology / The Last of the Old Gods 


Hello Horror / Anubis & Hades

Vallum / I Discover (11.2)

From the Depths / Birds in their Marshland Grace 

Naugatuck River Review / Chicago '05 

Written River / Fireweed & Sweet-Vetch 

Halcyon Magazine / Sky Rock 

Found Poetry Review / Mr. Bloom with his stick gently vexed 

Hermeneutic Chaos / We Know Our Conscience & Let Us Go Into Action 

The Wayfarer / How Thin, The Veil Between Worlds & Crow-Talker 

Miracle / Memory (8)

The Mackinac / Blood like a Merovingian & A Name like King David 


Cactus Heart (Defunct) / Fading Out

The Studio Voice / Grandmothers

Gravel Magazine / Delayed & Run-in with the Ex & Jolt 

Bitterzoet Magazine / Golden Age & Athena as Mentor 

Mint Magazine / Mrs. Dalloway 

In Parentheses / Stay Awhile, Mephistopheles 

Bitterzoet Magazine / Remember to Live 

Wilde Magazine / Botticelli Women 

Halcyon Magazine / Time of the Mysteries 

Ditch / Pi and Euler & Falling through star clusters, saints & I feel big as a damn mountain & Time 

The Fieldstone Review / Indigo Child 

The Steel Chisel / Jackdaw & The mind is its own place 

Branch Magazine (Defunct) / Circe 

Vallum / The Washerwoman (10.1)

The Danforth Review / Blue Spruce Lane 

Haiku for Lovers Anthology / Goldie


Across the Creek / Word Salad

Across the Creek / Madeline & I Am Becoming 


Across the Creek (Defunct) / Bellum Iustum & Elysium